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About Us

Saga is tale of a dynamic & dedicated Company committed to perfection & excellence in the field of seating engineering.

We call it "ENGINEERING" because each of our chairs are manufactured using high quality and superior components with utmost precision and care.

"CARE" because in Saga we manufacture chairs keeping in mind that nothing but the best will do. Precision has become a synonym with us as we have developed an obsession for providing good ergonomically and rugged design chairs.

ERONOMIC design ensures correct seating posture while at work, increasing work efficiency minimizing fatigue, thereby providing a healthy and stress free atmosphere.

That's why we are SAGA

  • Stylish and Ergonomically designed.

  • Perfect for efficient and stress-free work atmosphere.

  • Superior components for long lasting comfort.

  • High quality manufacturing process.

  • Suited for all needs and budget.

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